Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today is Purple

For the last 6 months Kelsey has been telling everyone that her birthday is on Purple. Well - - TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! (Well - the 22nd was the day) She got an all Purple outfit.

How the time has flown by.

BABY 1 or 2 months old

We had a fun filled day planned. I subbed in the morning, so Kelsey went to Aunt Julie's house. Then I picked her up for lunch with Grandma and Aunt Jan (the other birthday girl). Kelsey was so excited... When I scooped her out of her bed to get ready for the day at 6:15 am, before her eyes were open she asked, "Is it my party?"


All ready for the day

On the way home after lunch.

We asked her what she wanted for dinner - - she said, "Cake". so we had cake and taco soup for dessert. It was a very fun and Purple day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The first weekend in Feburary we went with Grandma and Grandpa Alger, the Johnsons, and the Busaths to West Yellowstone for a fun time snowmobiling.
This was the first time for our kids.

The Dad, The Mom, Allynn, Sydney, Austin, & Kelsey

We all had such a great time, that we are now saving for two days of snowmobiling next year!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

14 years

Today is our 14th year anniversary. Boy... time flies.

During the last 14 years we have...

Gone to San Jose State University in San Jose
Had a daughter
Moved to Hollister, Ca
Made good friends
Moved to Singapore
Traveled around the Pacific Rim
Gone to Disneyland
Moved back to Hollister, CA
Had another daughter
Worked for ISCS/Sun Microsystems
Made good friends
Gone to Disneyland
Worked for McWhorter's
Worked for Dishnetwork
Had a son
Moved to American Fork, Ut
Worked for DirecTV
Moved to Reno, NV
Made more good friends
Gone to Disneyland
Gone back to school
Had another daughter
Gone Snowmobiling in West Yellowstone
Worked for Microsoft
Gone Camping with family
Watched lots of kids
Worked for Integra Telecom
Moved back to American Fork, UT
Gone camping in West Yellowstone, MT
Two graduations from University of Phoenix
Gone to Hoover Dam
Gone to Grand Canyon
Gone Snowmobiling with family
And just yesterday took kids and Husband cross country skiing for the first time.

We are already talking about more adventures we would like to have this year. We love eachother and are having a great time together.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After posting the Bravestar clips, even my family was wondering what I was thinking.

This is the cartoon that Peter used to watch over and over and over. I remember a couple of episodes were recored on VHS so he could watch them whenever he wanted. After going to see Sherlock Homes during Christmas, we were reminded of this cartoon. One of the episodes had Bravestar battling Moriarty who had built a time machine which brought him to the future. Anyway, different things over the years have reminded us of this episode and the chant of "Moriarty is king, we much do as he com ands. Na na na na na na, Na na na na na na." I tried to find that episode on YouTube but did not. So I just posted one for a memory.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time flies

We have been so busy and I have been so lazy.

January flew by. The girls have been playing basketball and loving it. Allynn is on a 6th grade team so they get one night a week to practice and then play a game of two 20 minute halves on Saturdays. Sydney is on a 4th grade team so they practice for ab out 20 minutes and then play a 20 minute game on Saturdays. It has been fun to watch them. Watching Allynn play has brought back all my memories of playing basketball in West Yellowstone for the Lady Wolverines. I played 6th and 7th grade and then we moved in 8th grade. Then thinking of West Yellowstone reminds me of all the other stuff we did when we lived there. I will have to share more of those memories.

January also brought lots of opportunities for Jason to interview for different positions within the company he is currently working for. He did not get the new positions, but he is becoming known by the managers and his work is being noticed. So far for three positions he is the number 2 choice. We are hoping with a little more time and experience he will become the number 1 choice. He likes the company and would really like to experience new opportunities with them. He keeps plugging along for now. The kids and I like the job he has now because he leaves at the same time every day and comes home at the same time every day. We like having him around.

January also gave Jason an opportunity to interview with a company in Sacramento. A friend of his from Reno (actually an old boss) called him to say they might have an opening for a project manager in Sacramento. So we went out for a long weekend for that interview. Over the phone the job sounded great, but once we learned a few more details, we are not sure it is the right fit for our family right now. There has not been any offer yet, and the company wants to interview a few more candidates. We are kind of hoping we don't get an offer so the decision of whether to take it or not is an easy one. They told us it would be a while before they made any final decisions. We figured it wouldn't be until March before they made any headway. I guess they were still defining the job. We shall see.

Now we are into Feburary. Bring it on.