Monday, October 18, 2010

OH, Man

Have we been sick!!!

And of course the kids can't all be sick at the same time. That would be too nice to mom. That would mean she would only have to stay up all night one time and then sleep the next day while all the sick kids sleep. NOPE, not gonna happen.

Instead it starts with one. One child at 2 am who can't get the door open of the bedroom to get to the bathroom because she is still asleep and therefore throws up all over the door. She has forgotten her mother's words of "if you can't make it to the bathroom, throw up on your blanket". This is much easier to clean up than the carpet. The mom is alerted after Oldest daughter comes in yelling something about throw up.

After a shower and some clean up, this child now has a bucket (gallon ice cream buckets, the best) and is resting on the couch while the mom is cleaning up the rest of the mess in the carpet. Only now, 1st child is in the room next to the child with the trigger gag so he is now throwing up. (he did remember to throw up on the blanket, good boy). Now two are sick, but only one has the true bug causing the sick. The Dad is pretending to be asleep because his trigger gag is just as bad as the boy's.

By 4 am all children are clean. EVERY bed now has a bucket next to it, and all seem to be asleep. Except for the mom who now needs to wined down to be able to go to sleep to be able to get up in 3 hours.

This was Sunday Night.

This same thing happened again Monday and Tuesday night light Groundhog Day only they all had buckets this time and it was a different child.

I was SO happy that this last week was a short week. The kids all had Thursday and Friday off. I thought for sure we would all be able to rest on Thursday and be all better by Saturday. Well, the kids were all better, but then it was my turn to get it. Horrible, horrible.

Then The oldest who thought she was going to be better than the sick, could not hold out any longer. I think she got it the worst. She was probably tired from being the one to get the mom every time someone was sick.

The dad is the only one that did not get so sick he thought death would be better, but it is only Monday and who knows what 2 am tonight will bring.

As for me, I feel much better today. And all kids went to school.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Personal Revelation


We have been talking about the importance of having a strong work ethic. Our kids don't have a lot of chores and almost never have to do the dishes while we are here in Grandma's house. But the few jobs they do have, do not get done regularly. So, last night for FHE, The Dad shared a website with us call My Job Chart (

He was able to create individual job charts for the kids. When they are done with the job, they log in to their own chart and mark that they have completed it. They are really excited about it. The Dad was also able to create a reward system where each job has so many points assigned to it. When the kids accumulate enough points, they can cash them in at the Job Store.


One of the jobs on the chart is to have personal scripture study. I know they are probably not reading for a long time, but we are hoping this will get them in the habit of reading themselves in addition to family reading time.

Kelsey seems to be the most excited about the job chart. She always wants to log in to check off her jobs. She may be excited because her jobs consist of brushing her hair, getting dressed, making her bed, saying her prayers, and reading scriptures. She is excited to do all these things BY-HER-SELF. Even reading the scriptures. She has been carrying around a Bible and opening it to read whenever.

This afternoon, she came to me with Hosea chapter 11 open. She pointed to the words then proceeded to tell me...

"Mom, it says here that you need to give me markers to make a puppet with this brown bag."

I figured I should give her the markers to make the puppet since she did receive personal revelation from the scriptures. Who am I to tell her that is not right?