Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sleeping anytime

My sister posted a lovely picture of my daughter sleeping. I just thought I would add some more.

Friday, March 12, 2010

OH WAIT!!! I would have to be blind!

Yesterday I had a total moment of dumbness take over.

We had just finished dinner and we were talking about my parents trip to California for the weekend. My mom had gone to the library to get a stack of books on CD for the drive. Then we were talking about what libraries have better selections.

I was thinking in my head that if they weren't so expensive, I would probably go buy the book I wanted.

Then out loud I said "Maybe if I go get my ears checked and I have to get a hearing aide, I could get a discount on audio books online." Those around me agreed for a moment. Then my brilliant mom said, " If you were blind you could get them for free." We then all looked at each other and started laughing because it dawned on us that if I can't hear, then why would I want to get the audio book.

It is not as funny now that I have written it all down. But my dad had a good laugh at my expense.

My response was "Is that a basketball team?" Which leads me into my next funny story.

Last Friday we were sitting at dinner - everyone was still there at the table. We started talking about the weekend and what was going on. I remembered that the Academy Awards would be on Sunday. I said to everyone at the table "Oh ya, the Oscars will be on and I want to watch that." Without skipping a beat Austin asks, "What is that? It is a basketball team?"

We all laughed and told him what it was. I don't think he got it. But it was funny.