Friday, September 14, 2012

A new school year

School has been in for almost a month now. This year has been the biggest adjustment for me because all of my kids are in school all day. 
Allynn is in 9th grade and started seminary. Yes we are in Utah and there is release time for seminary, but Allynn chose early morning. (not really that early - 7:15 to 8:00 am). She is also playing trombone in wind symphony and jazz band. She is going to be 15 at the end of October and is already making plans for driving. As social as she is, I am kind of looking forward to her driving also. 
Sydney is 12 and in 7th grade. The first few weeks of school were hard for her. Now she is a pro at getting through the halls to the correct class and with the right supplies for the class. She is. Evoking a pro at time management, too. Her favorite class is math. I don't get it, but she does. 
Austin is in the 5th grade this year. He is also playing tackle football this year and loves it. He is it the most aggressive guy out there, but for now his size makes up to it. He has been playi g center and likes to snap the ball. We have had fun watching his team win so far this season. I am not looking forward to the weather changing. We will take this nice mild weather as long as we can. 
Kelsey is in the first grade. She does not like homework and wants to go back to kindergarten, but only in the afternoon after she has been at school all day. She comes home very tired. She really lives it. I think she just wants her mommy. 
Jason is doing well. In July, he started a new job with Oracle. He misses the guys from Propay, but says he is learning new things and likes the new guys, too. His commute is a little longer with having to drive to Sandy, but now he gets to carpool with our brother-in-law Matt. 
I am not at home alone. I am watching my cousin's boys. They are 3 years and 4 months old. Cute boys. They are my extras. I also substitute teach. On those days my sister takes the boys. 
We are all doing well. Keeping busy.