Saturday, July 3, 2010

Girls Camp

I have been preparing for this day for the last three months. It is finally here and the realization that I have a daughter going to girls camp is boggling my mind.

We started with packing her bag to make sure she had enough clothes and washed what she needed and wanted to take. We discovered that she only owns one pair of long pants. So we went to DI and got three more pairs of pants. All for the great price of $22.00. I like getting deals and on things she will wear!

Then we headed over to Wal-Mart to get good bug spray and the last of the bathroom stuff she needed. We ended up with that plus a new backpack and a 2 liter water bladder that goes in it. I think she will be glad to have so much water. She was worried because she heard on the news about a girl that died last week at Girls Camp of heat stroke. So water was an issue for my dear 1st year daughter.

We also got a new camera that will fit in my pocket when we go do fun family things. The one I had before was big and bulky and the compartment door for the batteries was broken. I am letting Allynn take it with her. She is very excited. She wanted to know if she needed to bring an extra SD Card. Her dad reassured her that the card she had would hold 1000 pictures. I think she will be covered. And thank goodness for digital photos so we don't have to develop EVERY THING she takes a picture of.

We had a chat about keeping track of her stuff and practiced rolling up the sleeping bag so it would fit back into the stuff bag. She thought I was crazy, but I feel better now that I saw her do it.

Everything has her name on it. (She wouldn't let me write it in her underwear.)

I am sure she will do just fine. It is the mom that may have a hard, long week.