Saturday, November 28, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!

I just turned in my last project. I have completed my AA in Early Education. I am pretty sure I have passed the two classes I just finished and will be looking forward to getting the small diploma. I have such a feeling of accomplishment. I am so excited.

To celebrate - I am going to Barns & Noble to buy a book or two. I will have time to read whatever I want now!!!!

I MADE IT!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Moab

Since I have been taking a geology class for the past nine weeks, we thought it would be fun to experience some of the exciting geology around us. We looked at different places around us. There is just so much to choose from. So, we decided to go to Arches National Park in Moab, UT. G-parents A. had not been to Delicate Arch, and neither had we, so that is where we decided to go.

We got up pretty early Wednesday morning and drove down to Moab. We got there about 11 am. We couldn't have planned the day better even if we tried. We went right into Arches National Park and started at the Visitor's Center. That was a great place to start. This stop told us what to look for, what hikes to take, and how hard they would be. We were hiking with Kelsey, so we didn't want to do anything hard. We decided to go directly to the Delicate Arch hike.

Can you see the parking lot where we started?? This picture could be considered half way. It was not as easy as we thought...
- and it took us twice as long as the "estimated time"...
but we loved it!!!
On the way back, we had the best guide to get us down the mountain. The bottom of Kelsey's shoes said Dora. We were all explorers!!!
That hike could not have been more fun. The weather was perfect, not hot, in some spots - CHILLY - but comfortable for hiking. When we finished the hike, we were ready to get some dinner and rest for the night.

Thursday morning, we went back into Arches and checked out the other, much shorter hikes.

And the weather was even better today. Beautiful sun. Beautiful sky. And the best company.We started back home and stopped at Dead Horse Point which over looks Canyon Lands National Park.

This park is four- wheeler heaven (no paved roads). We were pretty sure our Chrysler Mini-Van would not make it - so we had to get our fill from the look out point. Spectacular view.
This has been a great Thanksgiving. I am thankful for school that gave us the idea for our trip. I am thankful for family who were up for an adventure. I am thankful for Heavenly Father who created everything we saw. (At one point, some of the rock formations reminded us of Aqua Sand. We thought of how much fun Heavenly Father must have had when creating the earth.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

8 more days

The end is so near I am starting to panic a little.

Will I get the finals in on time?
Will I get good enough grades on them that I will pass the classes?
Will I be a nicer mom?
Will I be able to better help kids with thier homework?
Will I have to clean with my new extra time?
Will I be expected to put the clothes away after I have folded them?
Will I have to fold the clothes the same day they come out of the dryer?
Will I have to clean the bathroom more often?
Will I be expected to actually go for a walk and get some exercise?

I am hoping to just watch TV for a little while.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Curious busy children

I would like to think that my children are smart, thinking children. At least they usually are. The end of last week has caused me to reevaluate this thinking. 1st child along with the help of 3rd child decided to carve a small, squishy pumpkin. 3rd child was in charge if getting the knife and came back with box cutter. 1st child proceeded to carve the pumpkin but ended up carving her thumb instead. UUUUGGGGG!!!

Very calmly both children came upstairs to tell me what didn't happen. 3rd child began the story by telling me they were not carving a pumpkin. This statement was made before I knew anything was going on. 3rd child will need to work on information delivery.

While 1st child was rinsing her thumb, she then passed out. Thankfully, 2nd child was helping in the kitchen and broke 1st child's fall with her foot.

After gaining control of myself (because I was really mad!), I looked at the thumb and decided it needed stitches. So to the ER we went, because of course this was Friday night at 6 pm and I had not looked up Urgent Cares covered by our insurance.

I am grateful to be in AF. We went to the ER and before I could get the paperwork filled out, we were all ready being seen by the triage nurse. Then less than 2 minutes of sitting in the waiting room, we were taken back to see the doctor. There was no wait there either. The doctor came right in, started sticking the thumb with numbing juice, cleaned the wound, and then stitched it right up. We were out of there in about an hour. 1st child cut pretty deep, but did not hit anything that would affect the use of her thumb. She ended up with four large stitches on the outside and none on the inside. We are grateful for that.

Then Saturday afternoon, after playing in the new snow. The kids were making paper snowflakes (because the real ones were not enough). While cutting the paper, 2nd child snipped her finger. She did not need stitches, but it sure hurt.

Both 1st child and 3rd child vowed to never do that again and 2nd child said she would be more careful. I really hope they mean it!