Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer fun

I feel more busy now that school is out than I did before. Four kids home at once has been kind of crazy.

Austin is in Reading Camp ( a fun way to say summer school). He is loving it. He goes to school from 9 to noon and then has the rest of the day to do whatever he wants, after his room is clean, clothes are put away, and anything else I can think of that he should do to help out.

Allynn is in Summer band. She is learning how to play the trombone. She decided she wanted to be part of the marching band and realized it is too hard to march with the cello. He seems to be having a good time. She goes to band every morning from 10 to 11. Then she comes home to make sure she has her jobs done and then got to hang out with her friends. This hanging out does not always mean she leaves the house. I find a lot of this hanging out time is done on facebook where the small group can chat with each other without leaving the house.

Sydney is not in any extra activities this summer. She is happy to watch TV while the others are out. But once they get home she is ready to be out doing something else. She just had her 10th birthday and got a nice new bike. She feels like she has new freedom. She rides her bike over to her friends houses to see if they can play instead of calling them on the phone. Then if they can't she just rides back home. She is having a good time.

Kelsey does not seem to have changed her routine much at all except for refusing any kind of nap at all in the early afternoon. Now she goes and goes until she crashes somewhere. And most days manages to keep moving until she is forced to go to bed at 10 when the other kids are going to bed. (Even then only because I am going to bed and I dread what they were all conspire to do while I am sleeping.)

As for family fun, we have been...

Baptized Austin
Visited with family
picnicked at Vivian Park
swimming at the rec. pool
cleaning out drawers
moving boxes
getting ready for Peter and Whitney
watching Cake Boss, West Wing, and Gilmore Girls
Camping at Maple Dell
and Camping at Utah Lake

We have more camping planned. I also found some free bowling passes at fatcats. And I am sure there will be more swimming.

I feel much more busy!!