Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New School Year

OK, I have something to blog about and time to do it.
School started last Tuesday. Allynn started 8th grade. Sydney started 6th grade. Austin started 4th grade. Kelsey had to wait a week, for today, to start Kindergarten. She was most upset about having to wait while the big kids went to school without her.
Big kids say school is "Fine". So I don't really have anything to say about how the first week went. They are happy to be in school and not doing jobs around the house all day.
So today was a much bigger deal. We set Kelsey's clothes for today out last night. She found her shoes and put them by her bed so she could put them on quickly. Then she went right to sleep. I thought I was going to have to keep reminding her to go to sleep.
This morning we ALL got up at 6:30. When I went into the girls room to say get up, Kelsey asked "Even me?". YEP today's the day. She jumped out of bed and was getting her day on. (She has always been able to stay in bed until it was time for family prayer and scriptures an hour later.)
We ate scrambled eggs and pancakes (I told them to not get used to it and that we would buy some milk today.) Took some pictures. Read and prayed and then it was time to go. Sydney and Austin wanted to ride their bikes, so they left. Allynn was moving slow like any other teen I suppose. She also walks to school. Then it was time for Kelsey to go. Even The Dad got to go with us this morning. (Sorry, Dad, we should have taken a picture of you too.)I did pretty well keeping it together until she marched right in with her class. Then the tears came. Now I am watching the clock so I don't forget to go pick her up.
It has been a very exciting morning!!