Thursday, September 30, 2010

New School Year

I can hardly believe that this year Allynn started Jr. High School. She is in the 7th grade. Where had the time gone. And she is so beautiful (see picture). And I am so call her to hang out. I worry about all my kids not having good friends. Allynn seems to be making good choices when it comes to friends. She tries to be friends with everyone, but also knows the difference between the kids to hang out with and the kids to say Hi to at school. We really have lucked out with her.

Sydney has started the 5th grade this year. She says she likes to be in school, but doesn't really like school. She enjoys being social. She has started playing the flute this year, and seems to be really enjoying it. Last night she asked if she could bring the flute to school. I thought maybe she had a show and tell and wanted to play for her class. Nope... she wanted to be able to play at recess. We talked about it and decided that was probably not the best place to practice. I am glad she has an interest. She is still pretty good with math and is working hard on her reading. Now if we could just get her to organize herself...I guess we just work on one thing at a time.

Austin has started the 3rd grade. When did the baby boy start growing up? He was baptized this year and started Cub Scouts. (I need to post picture of him in is uniform.) He also likes school and has really been doing a good job of getting home to get his homework done quickly. He is also quick to get his 25 minutes of reading done before dinner. I am sure the motivation for that is his desire to play flag football. He started that two weeks ago, and the rule is that he has to have his homework done before 5 o'clock in order to go to football. This has been a great incentive. Now I need to find the next sport that will continue this great work since football ends at Halloween.

Kelsey is pretty mad she is not going to school. She talks about turning 5 and how that will change her life over night because she will get to go to school. I keep reminding her that she will still have to wait until the next school year to start in August. I think it is sinking in. We register her for Kindergarten on March 10th. WOW! That is coming fast.

Another change this school year... THE DAD GOT A NEW JOB!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! He is so happy. He was working for Integra Telecom in the customer service department for almost 2 years. He said it was not a hard job and that the people he worked with were great (for the most part), but he did not feel challenged. He has been applying to anything and everything for the past year here in UT and networking to meet new people since it seems that job come from the people you know. Well, thank goodness we know Dave!!! Yes, my cousin Dave. An opening came available at ProPay and Dave told The Dad about it. He applied. He got the job. The Dad is so happy when he comes home from work. But he says his brain is so tired. He is learning new things. Then this week they put him "on call". Even though he is tied pretty tight to his new Black Berry, he is excoted to have the responsibility.

I am home with the Kelsey and watching my cousin Jeremy's little boy. He is 15 months old and plays very nicely by himself or with Kelsey (if she will let him). I am also subbing again this year. I have already been once and will go again this Friday. Julie is kind enough to watch the little kids for me while I am out on those days.

It is nice to have the chaos of summer over, but we have now fallen into a new chaos of practices, homework, appointments, and more.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Baptism Pictures

The Dad and The Son
Sam and Austin
Keagan and Austin
The family with Grandma and Grandpa Carlile

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eight is GREAT!!

He was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on June 5. We had a great time with friends and family. He was also excited to be baptized on the same day as one of his friends from Primary.

Thanks to family who came and shared that great day with us. And then picniced with us at the park. We thought we would be able to just go use the picnic tables without a reservation since we were there so early in the morning, but there were people already camped out there. We still had fun visiting with all of you!!

So far behind

I am so far behind in keeping a record of what we have been doing that I don't even know where to begin.

Monday, September 20, 2010

School is back in Session

Mom: Sydney did you read for 25 minutes?

Sydney: Yes

Mom: When?

Sydney: While you went to Costco.

Mom: Who did you read to?

Sydne: Kelsey

Mom: The same Kelsey that went with me to Costco?