Friday, May 17, 2013

While the boys are gone...

Tonight is the fathers and sons camp out. So, while The Dad and the boy are off on their adventure, the girls went to get their hair cut. 
Kelsey before.
Kelsey after. And she lost another tooth recently. The sucker stick fits nicely in that space.
Sydney before.
Sydney after. She had an idea in her head about what she wanted and is very pleased with the turn out. It is growing on me. It is cute down, too.

Allynn didn't take a before picture. She was gung-ho to cut her hair really short, too, but changed her mind at the last minute. She did add bangs and have about 5 inches cut off the back.

I happen to like my hair at the moment, so I didn't get anything done.  

Then we went to Zupa's for dinner and came home and watched Pete's Dragon.

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Julie J. said...

Is Allynn's hair still long enough to pull up onto her band hat?