Thursday, March 24, 2011


What is the purpose of homework?

Is it to teach a new concept to the student or to reinforce a idea that was taught during the day?

Should the student be able to do all the homework on his or her own?

Are parents supposed to help get it done?

How long is too long for the student to get the homework done?

If the student is taking too long to do the homework, should the teacher be told?

Or is homework sent just so the mom has a reason to be mad and yell from the end of school till bedtime?

I am so ready for summer!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Post

I got an email from my mother telling me it was time to post something new. I am sure I could think of lots of things to write about, what i am having trouble with is finding time.

Since November, we have had a lovely, family filled Christmas. The Dad's parents came out in early December, along with his brother's family for a baptism. It was fun to watch the cousins, who don't get to see each other very often, play games and pretend all together. There was also lots of "Rock Band" thanks to Uncle Josh. My family had the annual brunch at my parents home. This year proved that no matter what, we can fit everyone in at a table somewhere in the house. I think we counted almost 50 people for brunch Christmas morning. There were people in the kitchen, Living room, and back bedroom, eating waffles, sausage, and my favorite, breakfast casserole. That was a really fun morning.

December also brought band concerts and student parties. I subbed four days that month. I thought I was doing pretty good with that. Then January brought sickness and I have been busy every since.

I think I subbed six days in January between teachers being sick and district meetings. February was even busier. I will have to get my calendar to check for sure, but I feel like I was gone from home at least two days a week. Included in those days of February was a big move for the Wells.

Maybe not a BIG move, but we did move two blocks over from my parents basement into our own rental. This house is in a perfect location for us. We didn't have to change wards. (This made the bishop happy, who is also our new neighbor). We didn't have to change schools, which made all the kids and mom happy. We are still close enough to the Elementary School that the kids can walk to and from school and we are closer to the Jr. High that Allah feels better about walking to and from school. This is also great because they can get there without incident when I am subbing. They beat me home most days.

This new house has been great for us. We have spread out and are loving it. Long lost toys that have been living in boxes for two years have been found. For a couple of days, these toys were scattered all over. Now we have found homes for them and are working on taking one out at a time. The best box the kids found were the board games. Since we didn't have TV or Internet for almost a week, they played Life, Monopoly, Uno, and more.

We have 5 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen large enough for our table, a family room, and a large storage room. The two middle girls are sharing a room while the oldest and the boy hot their own room. This was decided so there could be an office/craft room. While moving in the youngest, most opinionated child informed me that we needed a 6 bedroom house because she needed her own space. We told her she could have her own room when Allynn when to college. Kelsey seemed to be satisfied with that.

I will need to take some pictures for all to see. We are happy and healthy. Jason loves his job. I sub lots and look forward to summer.