Sunday, January 18, 2009

I did it!!

Another two classes done!!! I am so happy I would like to go to Swensen's to get an ice cream, but it is Sunday. So, I will be happy with the thoughts that I finished my papers early in the day and now I can go to bed. My brain is overloaded with tid-bits of information about the last 50 years. I found history since 1945 to be very interesting, but I am glad to be done analyzing it!!

Tomorrow I start my next class - - Biology. I am also very thankful that I will just have the one class this 9 week block.

Yea Me!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today I got the latest email forward from my cousin's mission. He talks about wrestling with the Lord when trying to understand what is wanted. At the end of the letter he shares a power statement "Pain is temporary. Glory is forever".

I was in need of these words, only I am going to change them a little bit. "School is temporary. Knowledge is forever". This is the last few days of my latest block of classes and I am counting how few points I can get on the final papers and still pass the class. This is not the way I am supposed to do it. I should be working the best I can, to get the best grade. I am coping to get through.

I set myself a plan to accomplish the two papers I need to write. Now if I would just stop finding other things to do, I just might accomplish what I have set for myself.

Here is the plan -
Today - write 2100 words relating as close as possible to the Education class topic. I would like to have this done by 4 pm when all my kids get home. It is now 12:52 pm. I have compiled 1856 words so far, which makes me happy. However, the words are not quite in a nice, flowing, final paper format (certainly not APA yet). I was on a pretty good roll this morning. Then it was time to change a diaper, get a snack, pick up the baby who fell off the chair she was climbing on, ask Kelsey to only worry about her sippy cup (Kelsey's is orange, Renni's is purple). Then since I was upstairs, I stopped to check Quicken to make sure we were not to close to the ZERO line(OK so far). Then it was time to go pick up Enid at school. Then I put baby down for nap and made the big girls lunch. Now I am totally distracted. I may need a nap, but I will forge on.

And that is only one paper.

I will save my ranting about the other paper for tomorrow when I am again looking for other things to do instead of my homework. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post 100

Well, I missed it by one day, but my 100th post has now been made one year from my start. I just hope it has been interesting.

As for today, the sun is out and the temperature is 51 degrees. This is not normal January weather, however I am not complaining. I am still cold. We would like to see some more snow to help with spring and summer water levels, but I don't miss driving in it. The local skiers would also like to see some more snow to cover the brown patches starting to show through. I am also starting to notice the 1 to 2 minuets more of sunlight we have. I am ready for the dark to go away. My brain says, "Dark, it must be time for bed!" my calendar says, "Wait, there are still things to do before you got to bed. #1 - feed family dinner." And the kids are stir crazy. They leave for school at 9 am and get home at 4 pm. They didn't feel like they had any time to play outside. So, yes, we are glad for the days to get longer.

We are also already talking about the end of school activities. In past years the fifth grade went to Science camp for a week in California. This year the Principal asked the teachers for find something else to do. Allynn was so disappointed. As parents, we are glad because this year the school has been able to bring the Science Camp to Reno. And it will cost less for each student to participate. Notes have started coming home will bits of details planned for the week, so Allynn is a little more excited about science week.

It seems like yesterday was the first day of school at the end of August. The time will fly just as it has till now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lesson is over

Well, yesterday I gave my lesson in R.S. and I think it went ok. I was having a hard time getting it to flow in my head so I would be able to continue after someone made a comment. I also have a hard time not back tracking after someone gives a comment that leads to the next thing, but they say what I was going to say. I am glad to be done and hope I don't get called to be the teacher permanently - mostly because I would like to hear from other people.

Yesterday was the first time I had gone to Sunday School. I am setting a goal to read the lesson ahead of time so I understand what people are talking about when they make comments. I am not sure I will make any comments, but I would like to be able to know when someone is totally off the mark when they make comments. Doesn't every Gospel Doctrine class have those kind of comments?

I am also looking forward to the new year getting better. I know, we have been told it will get worse before it gets better, but I am still looking forward.

February - Kelsey will turn 3

April will be The Dad's six month mark at Integra which hopefully open more opportunity within the company for him.

June - he will finish his Masters program at University of Phoenix. So good things are coming.

Now I should get back to my own homework. This is the last week of this block of classes and I am not having a hard time finding other things to do.